Social Engagement

The success of our company relies on the fact that 99% of our directors, managers and technical staff are members of the local communities.

Our roots are well anchored in Madagascar and Mauritius to insure a strong foundation for the future of our employees and members of our communities. Our Mining Camp in Madagascar was entirely built by local members of the community, and our workshop in Mauritius was built by local contractors and artisans. KAT Sapphires Ltd.’s ongoing contributions include donations to our local schools, hospitals, and churches. We provide local training in our communities to boost the local economy with employment opportunities as well as insuring the future development of our company. We strongly believe in ethical working and fair trade practices. Our company utilizes fully mechanized mining equipment allowing for greater safety for our miners.


Sustainable Development

KAT Sapphires Ltd respects and adheres to the mining codes environmental obligations in Madagascar and aids in the advancement of the local community.

We replant the mining area with local vegetation and work directly with the Zebu farmers and tilapia pond workers. The workers at our mine site have been hired from the local community and we attempt to purchase all products needed for the site from local businesses as well. Education and safety classes are provided to our employees to help them advance professionally and intellectually.


Our production is fully traceable from mine to end customer. We produce in the complete respect of labor laws and international norms and practices.

As a main supplier of sapphires directly to the trade and with guaranteed traceability we are happy to offer a product that we can assure is ethically mined and conflict free.