Our Mining Group

Our mining entity is the largest holder of sapphire concessions in Madagascar.

With 1300km2 of concessions and operations in Madagascar’s gem rich sapphire region; we are en route to becoming the leading worldwide sapphire mining company, as well as the world’s leading producer of gem quality pink sapphires.

Our Commitment

We guarantee that all our sapphires originate from our conflict-free mine sites in Madagascar.

For sapphires that receive heat treatment, we do not use flux-additives, nor do we sell lead-filled, recrystallized, diffusion treated, or synthetic sapphires. All treatments are done by Kat Sapphires Ltd in our Mauritius workshop and laboratory to guarantee a regulated and exact process without the use of devaluing additives.


KAT Sapphires Ltd is based in Mauritius, a small democratic island located 704 miles (1134km) east of Madagascar.

Mauritius is known mostly as a tourist destination and is said to be a shopper’s paradise given the duty-free shopping that can be done in the Free Trade Zone of Mauritius. Multiple precious gem companies house there manufacturing offices in Mauritius, and export directly from there to companies worldwide. For example, the 2nd largest import from Mauritius to the United States in 2013 was precious stones, mainly diamonds. It is here the sapphires come directly from our Madagascar concessions to be sorted, cut, heat treated (if need be), and  polished in our lapidary workshop and laboratory.

Unlike other gem centers, KAT Sapphires Ltd maintains complete control over the traceability of its mined sapphires so that our customers can be assured that the sapphires have not come from other sources.

At our Mauritius workshop we cut with utmost care and precision so that our clients, as well as their clients, will be pleased to receive the finest cut sapphires. KAT Sapphires Ltd sells in minimum quantities to legitimate members of the gem and jewelry trade. In order to access our catalog, potential buyers are required to fill out our buyer registration form.